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Recovery Coaching

What is a recovery coach? A coach is someone who helps you achieve your goals and remove obstacles along the way. You might have had experiences with a sports coach, life coach, weight loss coach, etc. The idea is essentially the same. A coaches job is to help set you up for the most successful results possible. He or she becomes your confidant and cheerleader while organizing the overall game plan for your recovery. For years, addiction and alcoholism treatment services have been looking for a way to improve and personalize the help provided to their clients. This resulted in the birth of the recovery coach position, which has now become a huge movement all over the country.

Helping Hand

Holistic Healing and Massage Therapy

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Joseph Natale Cale brings a natural approach to healing. Joseph is our on staff licensed massage therapist (MA-79437). This service is a great alternative to mainstream chronic pain treatment and helps those in recovery who are dealing with pain find a new way to manage their symptoms.

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